Supervision sessions are available online or in person.

In person session are available in the private practice rooms with Maria in Bath, or Zoë in Salisbury.

If you prefer Supervision at your office this can be discussed upon request.

The fee structure is in line with the FLiP Faculty Register and is reflective of the family law practitioner’s professional development, as listed below:

0-4 years - £100 per hour

5-9 years - £150 per hour

10+ years - £200 per hour

Family Law Barristers - please contact us

Day rate - £750 per day (up to five supervisees) at your firm’s offices.



Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Counselling

Couples Therapy

Therapeutic supervision for other helping professionals e.g. medical, teaching, mediators, social services, family consultants

Bespoke training in a variety of subjects including:

  • Listening skills

  • Self Care

  • Communication

  • Basic therapeutic skills

Fees available on request.

Photo Credit: Garfield Austin