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Family Law Supervision

Much more is now known about the psychological, emotional and physical impact on those professionals working with their clients’ distress and trauma. Those working in family law are acutely aware of the emotional and psychological impact of their role whether from increased workloads, the demands of clients or simply getting caught up in the emotional turmoil of those they represent. 


For many of these professions, the provision of supervision is mandatory as care of the practitioner is seen as necessary for effective care of the client. However, this is not the case in family law despite the growing awareness of chronic stress, workaholism and burnout within the industry.

Supervision offers pastoral care and emotional learning. By using the supervisory relationship to build self-awareness and emotional resilience, the lawyer enhances their awareness of the emotional dynamics between themselves and their client. 

The benefits of supervision can be immediate and profound. At Family Law in Partnership in London, both Partners and Associates have been receiving individual supervision for several years. Founding partner Gillian Bishop has described it as ‘one of the best decisions I have made in my professional life’.

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